Thursday, 8 September 2011

Human Nature

We are a war bearing creatures to a fact that up to the today and way back the ancients even the days of the stone age, humans loves war and theirs a lot of historical books to prove it. The jest of it all the nature of our existence well.. most of the time are blinded by greed and selfishness.Thinking only of one's needs, caring only whats best for the family and not outside of the family, not a care in the world to what happen to the other person or stranger, things like this we can say to ourselves that all of us have a ugly truth to show. Every single human has this imperfection that some or most times leads to a tragic events. Theirs a saying that children are our future, jest if you may but this phrase is only half true. Without anyone to guide them to the right path of direction there is no future. Over the sea of the mothers love, child's eye is a very powering tool they can have for the fact they learn through seeing it they will see it as the right path whether in truth its not. All starts with the parents building block to decide to what will their offspring's will become someday. The society is a place were a specific being mingle, well that's what it said to some books.With a single child smile can make a lot of difference to what can make you do to tomorrows duty as a citizen of a society. Even big or small doing small things how ever insignificant by doing your best, as long as theirs a sense of how small may it be it can still bring great love to the society. Now question remains how to imply this is pretty difficult for us its always human nature that kicks in first and we always forget what is the right road to take.

This has been a short letter from someone who wants to live life as long as they can...for life cannot stop for no one. So brothers, sisters I say this to you don't let your compulsive wrong decision get the best out of you, make sure the decision you make or any action you take will result to progress or saving a small child, not in life or death situation but making sure this person can make it to the right path and not toward in chaos or failure.

Thank you, and Good Luck to All For Our Never ending Time Which is Life...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Loyal Servant...

Making my master happy is for me would be the greatest joy I can ever have. Seeing master smile is a great sensation for me having to pump up my game and make master have a better and  healthy life. If master is feeling down just give me your orders and I'll do what I can to help you feel bright as day and let those feeling of pain behind from the past. I won't betray my master's trust for he gives me all the things I need to be also in my healthy and safe life, master always make me rest to the night as I will make him dream of all the beautiful and wonderful things that life has to share. For me life is nothingness without my master besides me and I really do enjoy spending time with master for his kindness and generousity is all the light of heaven like pleasure I feel when I'm with master. I am the heart and it is my duty to serve my master to my full potential to make master live and have a long life as long as I can with the powers that I have to offer him, up to the grave time of death. As the day we must part ways some time soon when the reaper tells its time to take your soul and leave me behind and that will be the day I will smile and die happy as I know I serve my master well. Until that time comes, I the heart will always be here watching master and protecting him from any harm that comes in your way.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

THE Dancer

A ballerina is twirling round and round with a bright spot light following her every moves. She dance her heart out until she fell to the ground then she stops. As the shining light started to fade she then stands and back to her feet. Dancing, twirling, spinning jumping her way on the stage she keep going even though no one can see her magnificent dance. She know this by heart that even the light is not on her someone is still watching. As she dance the way life works in this ugly and beautiful world we live in.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to Know a Real Fortune Teller fom an Amateur

To get started a real fortune teller already know your basic trait, they really don't actually ask them because they already know it. As for a amateur they ask it because that is a basis to were they start to know were your status is in your life one example is the astrological reading of the 12 star, this is one way an amateur will get a glimpse knowledge of your history and past. For a real fortune teller they have more knowledge memorized in heart than an amateur, and they don't read 12 but 13 stars. The real fortune teller will never ask you anything in the process of when he or she is reading your fortune they might ask you a question or two but only vague terms not in life history detail, and silence is a way for them to concentrate well in their reading. Also a professional Fortune Teller never ask any basis to where or your status in life is but they will do tell you exact and very detailed situation you felt, see and hear in your past up to your future they see as foretold by your request. But when it comes to your future they never reveal all only bits and pieces. This practice is use to any fortune teller for they want you to have the ability to change your future or to just go with the flow to where your future might bring. Their are five kinds of fortune teller out there in the world.

The lowest and easiest to study is the Palm Reader Specialist-They study on what is your palm is placed for the most part they learn and study what is written in your palm with them reading your palm they get to know the aspect to where you life may end to in the future. Unfortunately this teller can't read someones past only the future.

The next one is the Material User kind of fortune teller- This kind of practice uses one kind of object, things or natural items to tell someones fortune. From a liquid substance, to a set of card or to just a simple grain of sand. This practice takes years to perfect. To some they stop their practice for the reason of fatigue of the mind lack of power to master the skill. To some, its just the lack of will power to continue their practice.

The third and to a nearly impossible to master fortune telling is the Psychic- This are the people who you can call are the gifted ones because for many of them are born with the ability since birth to already read someones past, present and future. As to some they get to use the ability to a certain trauma or event that changed their life in a new direction. Some of this people occasionally help the police to solve a murder case or even rarely to prevent a murder to happen. Still even so there are still a number's of fake posing as a professional psychic so watch out not to get con.

The second one is the Mind Reader- They are the one who practice and mastered meditation, they have the ability to read someones mind. This level of expertise is just to great, it sometimes hunts them for days also, occasionally months or even years. This is the fortune teller that cannot be copied by anyone for they really tell in pristine detail on what they see hear and feel unlike the psychic they can perform their ability anywhere when they want to or where they want it to. As for the psychic they only see vague detail on the things they see on the past up to the future and sometimes its in bits and pieces. The ability also reacts sometimes unpredictably, prepared or not it will hit him or her it can be in the middle of the night or to someones wedding party. They actually made a movie about this type of fortune teller, the name of the movie is "HereAfter".

The last one and the impossible to master is the Masters of all Masters "Prophet"- Only one man perform this height, only one man did this impossible feats, only one man made to foretold all human race future will be, and only one man saw all the fate of all his disciple's future and contribution to the world will be and as for him to die on the cross. Yes we all know him its our Lord "Jesus Christ" our savior, and until now no one ever did or perform his miracle's he did when he was alive. With out the use of tricks but with just the use of your will and mind and material that nature can give no mere human can do what he do in his lifetime up to the day he died in the cross.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Eye of the Dark Mist

Twinkling on the night,  shifting its form comes the eye of the dark they come to the children and fest to their soul who ever they caught still awake to the moon light sky. They search tirelessly and wait for any children to prey on that comes to any dark street or dark ally way on any neighborhood in the night. Seeing a window with a glimpse of light still on they knock three times. But when the child open the window on the second or first knock they immediately grab the child on the trough and take their soul through their mouth. A painful 5 second of your lifetime until you just become a lifeless corps. A person without a soul this children just ended up sitting on a room lifeless they don't move nor speak at all, some becomes comatose until the day they die. The Eye crave or hunger for those children with the energy to stay up late. They enjoy eating that high amount of energy to give them the power to survive the night. When the third knock passes they just go away and leave that house alone. Some Eyes are more in the dealing side of life, if they caught a child three times and always awake they give them a chances by giving them a warning, this warning isn't verbal nor spoken in words but in figurative warning or in sign if the child didn't see this warning or ignore it they eat the child's soul without any hesitation. Most Eyes loves feasting on the very young ones more to the age of 2-3 they don't exempt anyone. who ever they caught awake to the night they immediately prey on. The Eye is a spiritual creature that can't be seen by the naked eye but they do reveal themselves to their prey at the last moment they are about to strike and takes their soul. No one knows were did they came from but one thing is clear they are here to stay.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm standing to a world of no mans land. I never felt emptiness can be this good. Unknown and unseen in the surface are peacefully thriving creatures huge fish like whales, small looking like a coral that has feet or in this case foot  like a crab even with this chaos about they are all living in harmony and together having ordeal much like the surface and yes its also survival of the fittest. Beyond the mist a dark cloud of sea sand engulf the plane outside this wondrous place, on a rock there is this little boy crying, without thinking about it since I see myself on the same place I approach him and ask. "What's wrong little boy why so sad". He replied. I can't see the light. He stood up and look at me with tears in his eyes, will you come with me and find the light together. So I grabbed his hand and walk away from the spectacles of sight that I just went through. The feeling was just like walking for eternity, its weird but for some reason we are able breathing in and speak in the depths of the sea.Then the ground is rumbling intensely, the quiet environment earlier that you can even hear a pin drop fall turn into this chaotic earth shattering mess. Then at a moment everything just stop. With all the rubble a stair formed. both of us walk in front of the edge of the stair's we saw a very bright light passing through upward. He looked at me with chilling smile: said: "Thank you for finding it for me, I must go now." I grab his hand and told him, stop!! why? he asked. I have a bad feeling seeing you going down in that place. Then the light became more brighter as if its irritated and wanting the boy to go down the stairs. He told me to please let me go I have to go now mister!!  I didn't hesitated and carried him and run as far away to that place as I was running the ground begin to shake the boy screamed and said run faster run faster!!! I looked behind and saw the whole ocean floor is sinking and it was like a earthquake beneath the sea. Running as our life depends on it. we saw a cliff and I jump across as we looked back the entire ocean floor is gone. The boy ask to let him down. as I was still stunned to what just happened the boy then shinned like a a star, and starts to drift upward, the weird creature from before starts surrounding him he said then thank you. just as I realized it he was way up of me. I suddenly felt of dizziness then past out. I woke up in this sandy beach with rocks surrounding the area. When I was about to stand up there was this hand holding me sticking out in the sand,  as  I panic I dig it what was that hand I find out it was the boy that I meant. Surprisingly I didn't know the boy already pass away. But as I looked closer I see his face smiling as if he died fulfilling his last wish. But I think it over and realized his final wish was just to be with someone and save him out of the dark place to were he was. Until today I keep it to myself and think to a point was that dream of mine true.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Howling Forest

My name is Davis C Von Alkemstine, Today is a very strong and stormy weather the inside of the mansion is vibrating rapidly, one year have passed since the last time I saw my parent. To be clear the last time I saw them when they were alive, they passed away in a reckless car accident. so does the useless detective concluded in their investigation. I just pressume with my sources they were killed to get the wealth of my father. until now the only ones that are staying in this mansion is me and my good old friend Givs, he is a very dependable and loyal butler, I can't never survive without him by my side he is loyal to my father as to me because I'm the owner of the house. As for the rest of the servant who work here they just come and go and do their own business they did never cared about my father and mother's hospitality, they are like tiny little ants who work about in their daily routine as the time pass by every single day. As the weather is'nt going to change I decided just to go to bed early. As I walk pass the dinning hall and reach the stairs outside I heard a howling sound it was a howl of somewhat a crying child, I got curious and went to the voice that I'm hearing. I walk and not noticing I'm getting far from my house and also the rain stop as it was dead silence except for that voice that keeps on howling through the night. As the road lingers on the voice is staying at a distance its as if it want's me to follow who ever it is howling in the forest. I finally made it to were the sound is coming from, I ended up in this empty barn house. I approached the barn door. At the moment I opened the door a chill down my spine began to amerge. Then I look at the middle of the barn their was this little girl who is standing crying a tears of blood in her eyes half of her face is covered in the shadow of the barn, Then a mere instant a wind blew over her. I duck my head for the power of the wind was too strong then it stopped and when I open my eyes.... she was gone. There was no trace of blood on the floor that she ran outside.I panic and ran out and into the dark forest ranning randomly and do'nt know where I'm going I tripped on the roots of a tree I rolled down this small hill I hit this log that stop me from rolling. then some kind of liquid substance is dripping down on my cheek, I look up..

it was her she is on the top of those huge tree look at a daze as if she is waiting for something to happen. I then look at the direction of where she is looking and at the distance, their was this light coming closer to my direction. As it got close it was actually a truck and a man got out it was the sheriffs department he pointed out a flash light on me and said "are you alright you have blood on your cheek" I told him theirs a little girl standing on those branches and at the moment I pointed at her she was gone. he said "are you really OK sir?"
I looked at him in a daze and replied I don't really know please do me a favor... take me home. Months have passed and the lingering feeling of to who was that girl is, still the question is where did she came from.
Why is she huanting me and why is she so sad from the way she is dazing from a far. this question I guess have to wait someday I might find an answer.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sun Valley

A little girl is standing near to a two huge side by side mountain valley pass, seeing the majestic beauty made her stumble and scared with fright. All alone she saw a rifle sticking to the ground and a helmet besides it. She continued to walk bout to the desolate valley, then she stop and saw a carnage of the war in that place has done, seeing dead corps sticking out the ground she stop and kneel then vomited on the floor, she raise up her head and continue onwards. on the road she saw to roads ahead one on the left another to the right. Some kind of voice told her to pick the road to the right and continue towards it. as she walked along the valley road she noticed a town near by it, she immediately went to have a look, then after, no one was in the town. Houses and street is completely empty. It felt like your standing on a ghost town and been abandon for ages. At the end of the town she saw a burned down church, and inside she saw so much burned bodies she couldn't tell if they were a man or a woman. But their was this one particular body and a wind blew on her back and she heard a voice touch the necklace. In turn she did. At the moment she touched that particular necklace she began to have a flashback a sealed away memories of the past of soldier's burning down the church, and scream of horror is howling in the church,  realizing all the carnage she remembered some faces in the church it was actually her family, neighbor and friends. Tears began to pour down on her cheeks, for sherealized she is no longer with the living.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ladies Bag

Its so mysterious so full of curiosity its woman's. It has so much exiting stuff in it, it can be your house keys, there are also an iphone to boot, first aid kid, personal diary, a handkerchief, anything that can fit in the bag, so many things you can see in a woman's purse. whether big or small or one in between. Woman's purse... oh a woman's purse you can even fit a small dog in it if you want to. Anything that you can see inside is as good as her's.

Heaven & Hell

Is it real or are they ..... for my experience I died quite a lot this couple of years, because I have this sickness those doctors in the "med" called epilepsy. anyway its a painful process when the decease hit me, its like a bad case of addictive drug, its drug because I sometimes come to stop and think what is on the other side? So every time I do get hit by one... do I really see heaven and hell I probably do, because everytime I get close and touch it I feel the pain in my whole body gets worse, its probably, because I'm trying to separate my soul to my human flesh. Everytime this thing kicks in I always see the same image and experience the same painful process over and over. I do considered the fact life flashes before your eyes when you die, this is true but there is an extent for my case, I see my life pass by when "it" hits me, but its quite fast I can't bloody see the dam thing at all, its a bit blurry, maybe its just because I'm not in a real dieing situation its just the desiesing kicking in. Who would have guessed in oder to see the other side you have to pay for it, in this case with you body and I mean literary.

Vector Art Fee

What does this even mean? Even though it looks free, don't be fooled we all know something is still fishy, sad truth is some of them isn't even legit, only a few on the web or in a local shop that I can find a worth to look at and originally made by professional....  one of which.