Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm standing to a world of no mans land. I never felt emptiness can be this good. Unknown and unseen in the surface are peacefully thriving creatures huge fish like whales, small looking like a coral that has feet or in this case foot  like a crab even with this chaos about they are all living in harmony and together having ordeal much like the surface and yes its also survival of the fittest. Beyond the mist a dark cloud of sea sand engulf the plane outside this wondrous place, on a rock there is this little boy crying, without thinking about it since I see myself on the same place I approach him and ask. "What's wrong little boy why so sad". He replied. I can't see the light. He stood up and look at me with tears in his eyes, will you come with me and find the light together. So I grabbed his hand and walk away from the spectacles of sight that I just went through. The feeling was just like walking for eternity, its weird but for some reason we are able breathing in and speak in the depths of the sea.Then the ground is rumbling intensely, the quiet environment earlier that you can even hear a pin drop fall turn into this chaotic earth shattering mess. Then at a moment everything just stop. With all the rubble a stair formed. both of us walk in front of the edge of the stair's we saw a very bright light passing through upward. He looked at me with chilling smile: said: "Thank you for finding it for me, I must go now." I grab his hand and told him, stop!! why? he asked. I have a bad feeling seeing you going down in that place. Then the light became more brighter as if its irritated and wanting the boy to go down the stairs. He told me to please let me go I have to go now mister!!  I didn't hesitated and carried him and run as far away to that place as I was running the ground begin to shake the boy screamed and said run faster run faster!!! I looked behind and saw the whole ocean floor is sinking and it was like a earthquake beneath the sea. Running as our life depends on it. we saw a cliff and I jump across as we looked back the entire ocean floor is gone. The boy ask to let him down. as I was still stunned to what just happened the boy then shinned like a a star, and starts to drift upward, the weird creature from before starts surrounding him he said then thank you. just as I realized it he was way up of me. I suddenly felt of dizziness then past out. I woke up in this sandy beach with rocks surrounding the area. When I was about to stand up there was this hand holding me sticking out in the sand,  as  I panic I dig it what was that hand I find out it was the boy that I meant. Surprisingly I didn't know the boy already pass away. But as I looked closer I see his face smiling as if he died fulfilling his last wish. But I think it over and realized his final wish was just to be with someone and save him out of the dark place to were he was. Until today I keep it to myself and think to a point was that dream of mine true.

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