Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Howling Forest

My name is Davis C Von Alkemstine, Today is a very strong and stormy weather the inside of the mansion is vibrating rapidly, one year have passed since the last time I saw my parent. To be clear the last time I saw them when they were alive, they passed away in a reckless car accident. so does the useless detective concluded in their investigation. I just pressume with my sources they were killed to get the wealth of my father. until now the only ones that are staying in this mansion is me and my good old friend Givs, he is a very dependable and loyal butler, I can't never survive without him by my side he is loyal to my father as to me because I'm the owner of the house. As for the rest of the servant who work here they just come and go and do their own business they did never cared about my father and mother's hospitality, they are like tiny little ants who work about in their daily routine as the time pass by every single day. As the weather is'nt going to change I decided just to go to bed early. As I walk pass the dinning hall and reach the stairs outside I heard a howling sound it was a howl of somewhat a crying child, I got curious and went to the voice that I'm hearing. I walk and not noticing I'm getting far from my house and also the rain stop as it was dead silence except for that voice that keeps on howling through the night. As the road lingers on the voice is staying at a distance its as if it want's me to follow who ever it is howling in the forest. I finally made it to were the sound is coming from, I ended up in this empty barn house. I approached the barn door. At the moment I opened the door a chill down my spine began to amerge. Then I look at the middle of the barn their was this little girl who is standing crying a tears of blood in her eyes half of her face is covered in the shadow of the barn, Then a mere instant a wind blew over her. I duck my head for the power of the wind was too strong then it stopped and when I open my eyes.... she was gone. There was no trace of blood on the floor that she ran outside.I panic and ran out and into the dark forest ranning randomly and do'nt know where I'm going I tripped on the roots of a tree I rolled down this small hill I hit this log that stop me from rolling. then some kind of liquid substance is dripping down on my cheek, I look up..

it was her she is on the top of those huge tree look at a daze as if she is waiting for something to happen. I then look at the direction of where she is looking and at the distance, their was this light coming closer to my direction. As it got close it was actually a truck and a man got out it was the sheriffs department he pointed out a flash light on me and said "are you alright you have blood on your cheek" I told him theirs a little girl standing on those branches and at the moment I pointed at her she was gone. he said "are you really OK sir?"
I looked at him in a daze and replied I don't really know please do me a favor... take me home. Months have passed and the lingering feeling of to who was that girl is, still the question is where did she came from.
Why is she huanting me and why is she so sad from the way she is dazing from a far. this question I guess have to wait someday I might find an answer.

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