Thursday, 8 September 2011

Human Nature

We are a war bearing creatures to a fact that up to the today and way back the ancients even the days of the stone age, humans loves war and theirs a lot of historical books to prove it. The jest of it all the nature of our existence well.. most of the time are blinded by greed and selfishness.Thinking only of one's needs, caring only whats best for the family and not outside of the family, not a care in the world to what happen to the other person or stranger, things like this we can say to ourselves that all of us have a ugly truth to show. Every single human has this imperfection that some or most times leads to a tragic events. Theirs a saying that children are our future, jest if you may but this phrase is only half true. Without anyone to guide them to the right path of direction there is no future. Over the sea of the mothers love, child's eye is a very powering tool they can have for the fact they learn through seeing it they will see it as the right path whether in truth its not. All starts with the parents building block to decide to what will their offspring's will become someday. The society is a place were a specific being mingle, well that's what it said to some books.With a single child smile can make a lot of difference to what can make you do to tomorrows duty as a citizen of a society. Even big or small doing small things how ever insignificant by doing your best, as long as theirs a sense of how small may it be it can still bring great love to the society. Now question remains how to imply this is pretty difficult for us its always human nature that kicks in first and we always forget what is the right road to take.

This has been a short letter from someone who wants to live life as long as they can...for life cannot stop for no one. So brothers, sisters I say this to you don't let your compulsive wrong decision get the best out of you, make sure the decision you make or any action you take will result to progress or saving a small child, not in life or death situation but making sure this person can make it to the right path and not toward in chaos or failure.

Thank you, and Good Luck to All For Our Never ending Time Which is Life...