Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sun Valley

A little girl is standing near to a two huge side by side mountain valley pass, seeing the majestic beauty made her stumble and scared with fright. All alone she saw a rifle sticking to the ground and a helmet besides it. She continued to walk bout to the desolate valley, then she stop and saw a carnage of the war in that place has done, seeing dead corps sticking out the ground she stop and kneel then vomited on the floor, she raise up her head and continue onwards. on the road she saw to roads ahead one on the left another to the right. Some kind of voice told her to pick the road to the right and continue towards it. as she walked along the valley road she noticed a town near by it, she immediately went to have a look, then after, no one was in the town. Houses and street is completely empty. It felt like your standing on a ghost town and been abandon for ages. At the end of the town she saw a burned down church, and inside she saw so much burned bodies she couldn't tell if they were a man or a woman. But their was this one particular body and a wind blew on her back and she heard a voice touch the necklace. In turn she did. At the moment she touched that particular necklace she began to have a flashback a sealed away memories of the past of soldier's burning down the church, and scream of horror is howling in the church,  realizing all the carnage she remembered some faces in the church it was actually her family, neighbor and friends. Tears began to pour down on her cheeks, for sherealized she is no longer with the living.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ladies Bag

Its so mysterious so full of curiosity its woman's. It has so much exiting stuff in it, it can be your house keys, there are also an iphone to boot, first aid kid, personal diary, a handkerchief, anything that can fit in the bag, so many things you can see in a woman's purse. whether big or small or one in between. Woman's purse... oh a woman's purse you can even fit a small dog in it if you want to. Anything that you can see inside is as good as her's.

Heaven & Hell

Is it real or are they ..... for my experience I died quite a lot this couple of years, because I have this sickness those doctors in the "med" called epilepsy. anyway its a painful process when the decease hit me, its like a bad case of addictive drug, its drug because I sometimes come to stop and think what is on the other side? So every time I do get hit by one... do I really see heaven and hell I probably do, because everytime I get close and touch it I feel the pain in my whole body gets worse, its probably, because I'm trying to separate my soul to my human flesh. Everytime this thing kicks in I always see the same image and experience the same painful process over and over. I do considered the fact life flashes before your eyes when you die, this is true but there is an extent for my case, I see my life pass by when "it" hits me, but its quite fast I can't bloody see the dam thing at all, its a bit blurry, maybe its just because I'm not in a real dieing situation its just the desiesing kicking in. Who would have guessed in oder to see the other side you have to pay for it, in this case with you body and I mean literary.

Vector Art Fee

What does this even mean? Even though it looks free, don't be fooled we all know something is still fishy, sad truth is some of them isn't even legit, only a few on the web or in a local shop that I can find a worth to look at and originally made by professional....  one of which.