Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Eye of the Dark Mist

Twinkling on the night,  shifting its form comes the eye of the dark they come to the children and fest to their soul who ever they caught still awake to the moon light sky. They search tirelessly and wait for any children to prey on that comes to any dark street or dark ally way on any neighborhood in the night. Seeing a window with a glimpse of light still on they knock three times. But when the child open the window on the second or first knock they immediately grab the child on the trough and take their soul through their mouth. A painful 5 second of your lifetime until you just become a lifeless corps. A person without a soul this children just ended up sitting on a room lifeless they don't move nor speak at all, some becomes comatose until the day they die. The Eye crave or hunger for those children with the energy to stay up late. They enjoy eating that high amount of energy to give them the power to survive the night. When the third knock passes they just go away and leave that house alone. Some Eyes are more in the dealing side of life, if they caught a child three times and always awake they give them a chances by giving them a warning, this warning isn't verbal nor spoken in words but in figurative warning or in sign if the child didn't see this warning or ignore it they eat the child's soul without any hesitation. Most Eyes loves feasting on the very young ones more to the age of 2-3 they don't exempt anyone. who ever they caught awake to the night they immediately prey on. The Eye is a spiritual creature that can't be seen by the naked eye but they do reveal themselves to their prey at the last moment they are about to strike and takes their soul. No one knows were did they came from but one thing is clear they are here to stay.

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