Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to Know a Real Fortune Teller fom an Amateur

To get started a real fortune teller already know your basic trait, they really don't actually ask them because they already know it. As for a amateur they ask it because that is a basis to were they start to know were your status is in your life one example is the astrological reading of the 12 star, this is one way an amateur will get a glimpse knowledge of your history and past. For a real fortune teller they have more knowledge memorized in heart than an amateur, and they don't read 12 but 13 stars. The real fortune teller will never ask you anything in the process of when he or she is reading your fortune they might ask you a question or two but only vague terms not in life history detail, and silence is a way for them to concentrate well in their reading. Also a professional Fortune Teller never ask any basis to where or your status in life is but they will do tell you exact and very detailed situation you felt, see and hear in your past up to your future they see as foretold by your request. But when it comes to your future they never reveal all only bits and pieces. This practice is use to any fortune teller for they want you to have the ability to change your future or to just go with the flow to where your future might bring. Their are five kinds of fortune teller out there in the world.

The lowest and easiest to study is the Palm Reader Specialist-They study on what is your palm is placed for the most part they learn and study what is written in your palm with them reading your palm they get to know the aspect to where you life may end to in the future. Unfortunately this teller can't read someones past only the future.

The next one is the Material User kind of fortune teller- This kind of practice uses one kind of object, things or natural items to tell someones fortune. From a liquid substance, to a set of card or to just a simple grain of sand. This practice takes years to perfect. To some they stop their practice for the reason of fatigue of the mind lack of power to master the skill. To some, its just the lack of will power to continue their practice.

The third and to a nearly impossible to master fortune telling is the Psychic- This are the people who you can call are the gifted ones because for many of them are born with the ability since birth to already read someones past, present and future. As to some they get to use the ability to a certain trauma or event that changed their life in a new direction. Some of this people occasionally help the police to solve a murder case or even rarely to prevent a murder to happen. Still even so there are still a number's of fake posing as a professional psychic so watch out not to get con.

The second one is the Mind Reader- They are the one who practice and mastered meditation, they have the ability to read someones mind. This level of expertise is just to great, it sometimes hunts them for days also, occasionally months or even years. This is the fortune teller that cannot be copied by anyone for they really tell in pristine detail on what they see hear and feel unlike the psychic they can perform their ability anywhere when they want to or where they want it to. As for the psychic they only see vague detail on the things they see on the past up to the future and sometimes its in bits and pieces. The ability also reacts sometimes unpredictably, prepared or not it will hit him or her it can be in the middle of the night or to someones wedding party. They actually made a movie about this type of fortune teller, the name of the movie is "HereAfter".

The last one and the impossible to master is the Masters of all Masters "Prophet"- Only one man perform this height, only one man did this impossible feats, only one man made to foretold all human race future will be, and only one man saw all the fate of all his disciple's future and contribution to the world will be and as for him to die on the cross. Yes we all know him its our Lord "Jesus Christ" our savior, and until now no one ever did or perform his miracle's he did when he was alive. With out the use of tricks but with just the use of your will and mind and material that nature can give no mere human can do what he do in his lifetime up to the day he died in the cross.

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