Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Loyal Servant...

Making my master happy is for me would be the greatest joy I can ever have. Seeing master smile is a great sensation for me having to pump up my game and make master have a better and  healthy life. If master is feeling down just give me your orders and I'll do what I can to help you feel bright as day and let those feeling of pain behind from the past. I won't betray my master's trust for he gives me all the things I need to be also in my healthy and safe life, master always make me rest to the night as I will make him dream of all the beautiful and wonderful things that life has to share. For me life is nothingness without my master besides me and I really do enjoy spending time with master for his kindness and generousity is all the light of heaven like pleasure I feel when I'm with master. I am the heart and it is my duty to serve my master to my full potential to make master live and have a long life as long as I can with the powers that I have to offer him, up to the grave time of death. As the day we must part ways some time soon when the reaper tells its time to take your soul and leave me behind and that will be the day I will smile and die happy as I know I serve my master well. Until that time comes, I the heart will always be here watching master and protecting him from any harm that comes in your way.

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